History Of Poker

The game of poker is very popular all over the world. With the changing time, the game has also developed in many ways. Now people use poker wild cards when playing poker. This has added new element in the game of poker. For playing poker games one has to have full knowledge of the game. One can also learn a brief history of poker to know the game better. Read the given article to get precise origin of poker and how the game has developed with the passage of time.

Some believe that the game of poker has its origin from early China during 10th century. Another theory traces that the history of poker can be dated back to 12th century Egypt game ‘ganjifa’, which is referred to be the ancestor of card games. According to the historians, a game ‘as-nas’ similar to poker games was also played during 17th century in Persia. It has played between five players with a 25 cards deck, five different suits and hand ranking as well as betting rounds. Another game similar to poker game, ‘bouillotte’ was also played in 19th century France.

In the poker history, ‘primero’ a Spanish game which was played during 16th century has laid the foundations for the development of poker. The first records of poker being played can be traced back to the year 1829. It is believed that the early version of the game was played in the city of New Orleans which included a 20 cards deck with up to four players. The game then spread readily to the rest of United States. The game almost took twenty years to evolve in using 32 cards deck as well as 52 cards deck, giving birth to what we know today as Poker and all of its different variations.

The history of online poker begins with the advent of internet. The game became online during mid 90s. Now you can play poker in local poker room or online at a time of your choice. Your choice of game can be varied online as most online poker rooms offer a selection of games as well as limits for those games. You can also choose between a ring games or play in a tournament. The prize money offered and the entry fees differentiate the tournament choices.