Poker Hands

To get started with poker one needs to memorize poker hands as well as poker rules. The basics of poker are not very difficult as it seems. The cards in poker hands are basically ranked from highest to lowest. There are also poker games that use poker wild cards, which can take on whatever suit and rank their possessor desires for his poker hand. Sometimes jokers are also used as poker wild cards.

Listed below are the online poker hands ranks that you need to memorize before you start playing poker: Royal Flush - This poker hand is considered to be the highest possible hand in poker. It is only possible when poker wild cards are used. It consists of ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, all in the same suit.

Straight Flush – This is one of the other poker hands online, this hand primarily contains five cards of similar suit in sequence.

Four of a Kind - This poker hand is basically made up of four cards of the same rank.

Full House - This is one of the other poker hands ranks that you need to memorize. It primarily contains three cards of equal rank and two cards of another rank.

Flush – This is another poker hand that has five cards of the same suit but not in consecutive manner. However, the highest card of the five determines the rank of the flush.

Straight - This is the other poker hands ranks that primarily contain five cards of different suits in sequence.

Three of a Kind – The other poker hands also include ‘Three of a Kind’. This poker hand contains three cards of the same value or rank.

Two Pair – This is a poker hand that has two distinct pairs of cards & a fifth card. The highest pair wins ties.

Pair – Pair is another poker hand that you should know. This poker hand typically consists of two cards of the equal rank.

High card - Five cards which do not form any of the combinations of the above mentioned poker hands are generally termed as high card in poker online.