Poker Wild Card Rules

Poker is one of the most popular card games. Majority of the gamblers enjoy playing this game. The cards in poker hands are ranked usually from highest to lowest and a poker hand is made up of five cards. To spice up the game, some also used wild cards in poker. These poker wild cards are cards without fixed value and these cards can stand or substitute any card in the deck. If players like to play using wild cards, they have to first get familiar with the poker wild card rules. Let’s know in brief about the online poker wild card rules in the given article.

Looking at the poker wild card rules online, these cards can stand or substitute any card in the deck. These are the cards without fixed value, and take whatever value designated by the player. Following the rules of poker wild card, the cards can be made to represent any card suit or value also can be use to create strong hand. Before starting the game, players have to assign which cards will be used as wild cards. More often cards such as jokers and deuces are popularly used as wild cards in poker.

As per rules of wild card poker, the highest hand in a game with wild cards is 5 Aces. Five of a Kind can defeat a straight flush. Always remember that wild cards do not hold rank and value in a straight flush and in case of two players with the same winning straight flush, the pot will be split regardless for which card the wild card is substituted. In some poker rooms or poker tables, there may be limitation of the use of wild cards for making Five of a Kind.

In case if wild cards of the hand are same, then as per wild card poker rules, the hand with the lowest number of poker wild cards wins. You need to know the above poker wild card rules if you like to play poker wild card games. However, the usage of wild cards into the game can create more betting actions at the table regardless of the game being played. Moreover, the addition of wild cards to any game drastically changes the odds and how hands should be played. It adds a true element of luck to a game of skill that must be considered when placing bets or making calls.