Projecting a Good Poker Face

It's tricky to win in a poker game. It is not enough that you understand carefully the rules of the game, you need to have a little stroke of good luck to be able to win. However, the most important armor that you might want to have for to win the battle is your face; your poker face. You need to have a strong and developed poker face so that the other players will not take advantage of your weaknesses. A very good poker face is something that is free of emotion. This means that, a strong poker face is made out of controlling facial expressions and gestures. You have to keep it settled and straight so that the other players will not be able to read what is on your mind. Poker is like a movie, you need to act what the director is demanding from you even if that is not really what you feel.

Having a strong poker face is very important in the game. For example, you are dealt with a really good hands and then you got out of control and you pulled or a smile or a grin. When the other players notice you doing that, they will immediately thing that you are holding a good card, hence they will do everything to pull your down. Or maybe you are dealt with a poor card and then you give out the upset look, this will alert your opponents to raise their bets. In short, you are giving them a reason to rejoice.

You have to always keep a neutral expression no matter what card you are holding and you have to be consistent throughout the course of the game. Keeping a straight face is not as easy as what you think, however, you must try everything that you can to stand firm. Concentrate more and soon you'll find yourself keeping a good poker face appear like your natural emotion without any struggles.

When you have already mastered hiding your true emotions, this is where the real fun begins. This is time where you can bluff your heart out and mislead the other players. Bluffing is projecting an expression that is the opposite of what your card is saying. This will help you have an advantage over the other players because they will never know what your real cards are. They may do things that they think will go to their favor, when it fact the favor goes to you.