What Are Poker Wild Cards?

What are poker wild cards? Those who are new to poker may often come up with such questions. As we know poker is played on 52 cards deck, the cards are ranked individually from high to low. Basically, a poker hand consists of five cards and in a poker game; the player who has the highest poker hand wins the pot. In some poker games wild cards are also used. Poker wild cards generally refer to cards without fixed value. They instead, take whatever value is designated by the player. Because they can be made to represent any card suit or value, poker wild card can be used to create a strong hand. Know more about poker wild cards.

Jokers are always considered as wild cards in poker; however, several cards can be determined as wild such as all twos. But before game begins players have to be agreed or assigned which cards are to be used as wild cards. As we have already mentioned earlier that the cards like jokers and the deuce are more popularly used as wild cards. Going further with the explanation of poker wild cards further, in poker these cards can stand for any hand that the player has in his hand.

The inclusion of poker wild cards brings new element into the game. It further maximizes the chances of drawing more valuable hands. The use of poker wild cards in the game potentially alters the ranking of various sets of cards. You can even get five of a kind, which typically goes to the top of the rankings. When you use wild cards in poker, you cannot rely on the rankings of the hands.

There are different poker wild cards games that you can play. Some of the wild card poker games includes baseball, Countdown, Criss Cross Wild, Follow the Queen, Slot Machine and Wild Hex. Before playing any of these games, you require knowing the basic wild card rules. The usage of wild cards in poker can increase pot sizes and betting action at the table. It can also level the playing field between amateur and semi-pros. In brief, wild cards are as good as the card denomination and suit they assume. So, it is essential that every player get familiarize with the poker hand rankings so as to know how to use wild cards for maximum win. However, the poker wild cards explained above will let you know briefly about these cards and their uses.